Outdoor Grill Repair

  • General maintenance check
  • Burner and igniter replacement
  • Adjust and clean burner holes
  • Rusted flavorizer and grate replacement
  • Rotisserie or Pro-sear replacement, etc..
Outdoor Grill Repair

Appliance Genie understands the vital role that the outdoor grill plays in your life. An extension of your kitchen that you enjoy in the open air, the gas grill is at the center of all backyard family gatherings. Occasionally your outdoor grill will require maintenance and possible repairs to ensure that it’s ready when warm weather arrives.
Appliance Genie has more than 30 years of experience providing yearly maintenance service for outdoor grills. If repair is needed on your high-quality outdoor grill, our skilled and professional technicians are experts in diagnosing and providing service. We strive to deliver quality, high-end service that leads to lasting appliance repairs that save your money and protect your investment. We service and repair all high end built in Viking, Lynx and DCS outdoor gas grills.
If you experience any of the following problems, please contact Appliance Genie for the best gas grill service available.

  • Rotissierie not working
  • Burners have low or yellow flames
  • No electronic start or has to match light
  • Food burns easily on low
  • Manifolds and Valves leaking Gas
  • Need Replacement Heat Shields and Cooking Grates
    And much more